• The Beatles & Co. is formed

    In order to control their various business interests, The Beatles’ tax advisors suggested they form an umbrella company. Formed on this day, it was named The Beatles & Co.

    At the time the group had large amounts of capital, which they were in danger of losing to the Inland Revenue. To avoid this occurring they chose to invest in a business venture.

    The Beatles & Co. was essentially a new version of Beatles Ltd, their original partnership. Under the new terms, each Beatle took ownership of 5% of the company, and a new corporation – which eventually became Apple Corps – would be collectively owned and would control 80% of The Beatles & Co.

    Apart from songwriting royalties, which would be paid directly to the authors of the individual songs, all money earned by the group would be channeled into The Beatles & Co., which would leave them with a much lower corporate tax rate.

    The legal partnership covered group, live or solo work, and was intended to bind the four controllers together for 10 years on a goodwill share issue of £1 million.

    Mixing: Getting Better, She's Leaving Home, When I'm Sixty-Four, Lovely Rita
    Mixing: Good Morning Good Morning, Only A Northern Song
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